Zeta Rod® biofouling prevention technology drives car wash cost savings

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Operations Manager Eric Traband: “I’m sold on this [Zeta Rod] sys­tem. What I have now is an odor-free and bac­te­ria-con­trolled envi­ron­ment, I’m using a lot less water, and cut­ting my over­all costs. This sys­tem is a win­ner.”

Within 60 days, results of the Zeta Rod instal­la­tion into the Mill Valley Car Wash were impres­sive:
• Reduced water con­sump­tion per vehi­cle from 48.75 gal­lons per car (gpc) to 35.51 gpc; a net reduc­tion of 27% per vehi­cle
• 235,000 gal­lons of water saved in 60 days
• 38% drop in the total per vehi­cle wash­ing cost

MILL VALLEY, Calif., April 2003 – Car wash Operations Manager, Eric Traband, recent­ly demon­strat­ed to his boss why he had been named a nation­al Car Wash Manager of the Year in 2000. Traband, an 11-year vet­er­an of the indus­try, seized an oppor­tu­ni­ty to help trim his car­wash operation’s spi­ral­ing water costs and, at the same time, deliv­er bet­ter, more effi­cient ser­vice to his grow­ing ros­ter of cus­tomers. Continue read­ing

Zeta Rod Wins Environmental Award for Los Angeles Convention Center



Tucson, Ariz., April 10, 2002 — After three years of close­ly mon­i­tored per­for­mance at the Los Angeles Convention Center of Zeta Corporation’s Zeta Rod™ sys­tem, the con­ven­tion cen­ter won a city-wide envi­ron­men­tal award and real­ized a three-year accu­mu­lat­ed sav­ings of $150,000.

Image of Zeta Rod System at Los Angeles Convention Center

Zeta Rod System at Los Angeles Convention Center

In mak­ing the announce­ment, Zeta President M. Michael Pitts, Jr, Ph.D. said that the City of Los Angeles Quality and Productivity Commission, after an eight-month eval­u­a­tion process, sin­gled out 20 city depart­ments out of 114 appli­cants for hon­ors in the cat­e­gories of Customer Service, Environmental, Entrepreneurship, E‑Business and Innovation and Creativity.

The Los Angeles Convention Center facil­i­ties staff won the Environmental Award for “the elim­i­na­tion of scale and cor­ro­sion clean­ing, increased employ­ee safe­ty, reduced water con­sump­tion, longer equip­ment life and an annu­al sav­ings of $50,000” in the oper­a­tion of the huge build­ing’s chillers and cool­ing tow­ers. Continue read­ing

BP Manufacturing Solutions Reduces Chemical and Filtration Costs at GMPT Flint, Michigan USA

Link to GMPT Flint Success StoryZeta Library Collections: Case Studies

November 2001
BP Manufacturing Solutions reduces chem­i­cal and fil­tra­tion costs, GMPT Flint, Michigan USA

Highlights: Several pos­i­tive out­comes result­ed from the use of Zeta Rods. Because fun­gal growth in the high-pres­sure tanks was elim­i­nat­ed, pro­duc­tion down­time was min­i­mized. The fun­gal reduc­tion reduced main­te­nance costs and improved oper­a­tional effi­cien­cies. Chemical usage also dropped, most notably in anti-foam due to the change in sur­face ten­sion caused by Zeta RodsTM. This anit-foam reduc­tion alone pro­vid­ed an annu­al cost sav­ings of $120,000.

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Los Angeles Convention Center Environmental Award

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March 2001

Link to City of Los Angeles LACC Award Announcement

Los Angeles Convention Center Environmental Award : “The envi­ron­men­tal­ly safe result of the Zeta Rod instal­la­tions at the Los Angeles Convention Center has been elim­i­na­tion of scale and cor­ro­sion clean­ing, increased employ­ee safe­ty, reduced water con­sump­tion, longer equip­ment life, and annu­al sav­ings of $50,000.”

AIChE Update: New Techniques Tame Biofouling

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February 2000
AIChE Update: New Techniques Tame Biofouling
Chemical Engineering Progress | AIChE

Biofouling plagues many plants in the chem­i­cal process indus­tries. Ongoing research is focus­ing on ways to con­trol a range of bioor­gan­isms, rang­ing from fun­gi to zebra mus­sels, that can cause these prob­lems. Chlorine Pulsing, Electronic Rods [Zeta Rods], fil­ters, anti-micro­bial coat­ings and corn-based poly­mers are dis­cussed.  Click here to link to the AIChE CEP Magazine arti­cle.

Improving RO Performance with Zeta Rod Systems

Clean RO pressure chamberZeta Library Collections: Case Studies
December 1997
Improving RO Performance with Zeta Rod Systems
After three months, the mem­brane was removed and the ves­sel was seen to be com­plete­ly clean. The mem­brane body, like the ves­sel surface,was com­plete­ly free of bio-film.The removal of biofilm from the mem­brane was evi­denced by a 4.98% increase in the rate of per­me­ate recov­ery, from 77.26% to 81.11%.

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