Zeta Rod systems remove biofilms that shield legionella

Zeta NewsTucson, Arizona:  Zeta Corporation has estab­lished that its patent­ed Zeta Rod® tech­nol­o­gy is anoth­er weapon in the bat­tle against legionel­la. Zeta Rod sys­tems will remove and pre­vent recur­rence of biofilm and asso­ci­at­ed scale that shel­ters legionel­la bac­te­ria inside potable water sys­tems and in cool­ing tow­ers. Continue read­ing

Case Study: Zeta Rods® improve legionella control in steel mill cooling towers

Photo of Nervacero steel mill cooling towers with Zeta Rods suspendedZeta Library Collections: Case Studies

June 2001
Zeta Rods improve legionel­la con­trol in steel mill cool­ing tow­ers

Nervacero steel mill in Vizcaya, Spain uti­lizes Zeta Rods in its legionel­la con­trol pro­to­col, allow­ing for elim­i­na­tion of bio-dis­per­sant and reduc­tion of sodi­um hypochlo­rite by 50%.

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