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Enhanced Water Conservation & Water Re-use Opportunities for Open Loop Evaporative Cooling Systems

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Zeta Rod® Water Management Systems combine patented electronic water treatment technology with water management protocols developed to offer continuous remote monitoring of open loop evaporative cooling systems for optimizing water conservation and reduction of chemistry, while protecting equipment from corrosion, scale, bio-fouling, and bio-corrosion. Zeta Corporation developed and demonstrated the water management program under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research Lab. The two-year study, published in 2009, titled “Demonstration of Electronic Capacitor-Based Water Treatment System for Application at Military Installations“, monitored side-by-side installations of the technology, operating without any chemicals, against the results of a standard chemical water treatment program on sites chosen at Federal facilities in the desert Southwest. Results showed an average of 20% reduction in make-up water usage and 50% reduction in blow-down, while meeting and exceeding criteria for protection of equipment from scale, corrosion and bio-fouling.

An additional two-year study added cooling systems at Military bases to broaden the range of incoming water qualities; from extremely hard water to extremely soft, potentially corrosive water.  The findings of both studies were presented at the 2012 Cooling Technology Institute Annual Conference in a paper entitled: “Green Technologies:  Electronic Water Treatment System Successfully Evaluated for Water Conservation”.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Directive and Guidance Bulletin on the subject of Non-Chemical Treatment of Cooling Tower Water was issued in April 2012 as a result of the successful Zeta Water Management Program.

Water conservation and chemistry reduction

When operated without chemical additives (normal condition) the Zeta Water Management System is designed to meet the primary objective of equipment protection, while offering opportunities for increased water conservation beyond what is capable of being delivered by chemical treatment alone. This is accomplished because the technology allows systems to safely run at increased cycles of concentration under conditions that would normally be indicative of scaling potential. Additionally, operation at elevated pH sets conditions for low corrosion potential and the unique ability of the technology to prevent formation of biofilms inhibits bio-fouling and associated microbial induced corrosion.

Continuous Remote Monitoring

The primary objective of any water treatment program is to protect expensive condensers and cooling towers while operating in an efficient manner. Variances in make-up water quality and lack of access or expertise can contribute to inefficiencies and risk to equipment and operators. Zeta Corporation offers monitoring services and remote operational protocols that allow for continuous 24/7 monitoring and control of systems for key metrics. This assures owners that adverse condition alarms are identified and addressed before they become critical issues. Documentation of actual water usage, based on remote metering of make-up and blow-down ratios, combined with analysis and reporting of data log readings and water sample testing comprise the basis for monitoring programs available.  Zeta Water Management programs contribute to LEED strategies for earning points under Water Efficiency and Innovation in Design.