Zeta Nanocera strategic alliance announced

Nanocera & Zeta logosJune 10, 2016
Tucson, Arizona —  Zeta Corporation and Nanocera are pleased to announce the formation of a strategic alliance co-marketing sustainable products and technical services to industry.  The two companies will combine development efforts in key industrial markets where customer productivity and sustainability interests overlap.  Principals at both companies have been interested in a collaboration for several years and look forward to promoting the alliance.

Nanocera offers leading edge, environmentally advantaged conversion coating technologies, which provide superior corrosion resistance and paint adhesion, eliminate damaging phosphates and regulated heavy metals, and significantly reduce total operating costs, including lower energy and water usage.

Zeta Corporation manufactures and markets Zeta Rod® systems, which significantly improve water and energy conservation, optimize the performance of industrial fluids, reduce water treatment chemical usage, and control scale and biological fouling in water systems.

For more information, please contact:

Blair Imbody
(520) 909-0168

Carolyn B. Pitts

Case Study: Zeta Rods® improve legionella control in steel mill cooling towers

Photo of Nervacero steel mill cooling towers with Zeta Rods suspendedZeta Library Collections: Case Studies

June 2001
Zeta Rods improve legionella control in steel mill cooling towers

Nervacero steel mill in Vizcaya, Spain utilizes Zeta Rods in its legionella control protocol, allowing for elimination of bio-dispersant and reduction of sodium hypochlorite by 50%.

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Solids Control in Solvent Extraction Circuits Using Electrostatic Dispersion

Zeta Rods Inserted into Solvent Extraction Piping

Zeta Library Collections: Technical Papers

February 1992
Solids Control in Solvent Extraction Circuits Using Electrostatic Dispersion
Morris Michael Pitts, Jr.
Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Inc.
Annual Meeting, Phoenix, AZ February 1992

Elevation of surface charge density on colloidal particles in the presence of a high potential electrostatic field is demonstrated as a viable technique for preventing the accumulation of solids in solvent extraction circuits. This technique performs without introducing compounds that potentially interfere with kinetics or with phase separation.

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