when every drop counts™

Zeta Rod Waterdrop LogoZeta Rod® systems improve water & energy conservation, optimize performance of industrial fluids, reduce chemical usage, and eliminate scale & biological fouling in water systems.  Zeta Rod® Water Management Solutions deliver 24/7 remote monitoring of cooling tower/chiller operations, measurement & verification of water conservation objectives, and reporting that supports facilities water management objectives.

Animated image of Zeta Rod particle dispersion technology

Zeta Rod patented capacitor-based technology electronically disperses bacteria and mineral colloids in aqueous systems, eliminating biofouling and preventing scale and corrosion without the use of additive chemicals. Colloids in water systems become components of the capacitor and receive a strong boost to their natural surface charge, altering double-layer conditions that govern particle interactions.

As a result, bacteria are unable to attach, absorb nutrition, or replicate into colonies. Existing biofilm hydrates excessively, loses bonding strength and disperses. Biofilm, biocorrosion, and scale formation are arrested.

Zeta Rod Water Management Systems are currently at work treating evaporative HVACR cooling systems, industrial process cooling, reverse osmosis membranes, flocculation processes, glass manufacturing shear lubricants, metal working fluids, irrigation systems, wastewater processes and water distribution piping.

On the home front, out-of-the-box kits for domestic water conditioning are an environmentally sound alternative to traditional water softening and are the natural choice for home, pool and garden.

We invite you to explore this website and learn how Zeta Corporation can provide water and fluid treatment solutions where environmental protections and bottom line results go hand in hand.