No-Salt Home Water Conditioning

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Photograph of indoor pool & spa

Zeta Rod® systems work silently, behind the scenes to condition every drop of water in your home, pool and garden; and to protect valuable plumbing, water using appliances, and surfaces from the destructive effects of hard water. Zeta Rod system’s green technology is patented electronic deposit control that accomplishes the goal of preventing scale and biofilms from forming by affecting the physical characteristics of water, rather than by altering its chemistry.

Imagine freeing yourself from the expensive and time consuming task of maintaining an obsolete salt-based water softener– no more bags of salt to lug around, no more equipment to take up precious space, no more guilt about flushing salt residue into the environment. In fact, salt-based water softeners are restricted or banned in many municipalities across North America.

For over a decade, Zeta Rod systems have successfully improved water and energy conservation, optimized performance of industrial fluids, reduced chemical usage and eliminated scale and biological fouling in water systems.

Zeta Rod systems for the home are the natural extension of the expertise Zeta Corporation has developed in the industrial and commercial arena. The U.S. and international trademarks, patents, and patents pending that we hold for the Zeta Rod and for certain applications of capacitor-based technology attest to the originality of our research. In other words, we’ve done our homework.

We invite you to explore this website and to learn more about why protecting your home with a Zeta Rod system is a great choice.