About Zeta Corporation

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If you drive a car, own a computer, drink bottled water, or read a newspaper, chances are a Zeta Rod(r) was involved in the production of those products or in the management of those facilities. Zeta Corporation, based in Tucson, Arizona USA, designs and manufactures the patented Zeta Rod®; an electronic capacitor-based system that has been used for nearly two decades in a wide range of commercial and industrial settings to achieve significant water conservation and to prevent fouling in water systems.

Originally designed to survive the tough conditions found in copper and gold mining operations, the innovative design, advanced engineering and state-of-the-art materials used to create the Zeta Rod resulted in a system of products that, for the first time, could be scaled to address very large industrial and commercial flows of water.

Our products are based upon an in-depth understanding of the physics and electrochemistry of surface charge alteration and have been studied for effectiveness across a number of aqueous applications.

Zeta Water Management Systems allow for measurement and verification of water conservation and chemical reduction objectives, saving our clients millions of gallons of water annually.

Markets & Applications

Markets & Applications: Water Supply & WastewaterPhotograph of petrochemical process plantMarkets & Applications:  Process & Manufacturing
Commercial & Industrial MarketsMarkets & Applications: MiningPhotograph of crop irrigation
Markets & Applications: Commercial & IndustrialPhotograph of mining processMarkets & Applications: Agriculture
Photograph of multi-cell cooling towerMarkets & Applications: Power & UtilitiesPhotograph of two Zeta Rods
Markets & Applications: Home, Pool & GardenPhotograph of indoor pool & spa

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